We pride ourselves on our reputation for being unique, independent and for creating truly superior food. We know that people love us for that, and we’re committed to maintaining this mantra. Be it brekky, lunch or afternoon tea, Stop The World Café offers a warm welcome as a neighbourhood cafe.

Whether you're feeling hungry, want to graze on something easy, feel the urge for a sugary treat or fancy trying out something new with friends, you'll find all sorts of lovingly prepared treats waiting for you. 

Take a nosey through our menus to find out more . . .

Stop The World Cafe our menus

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Breakfast (or Break slow)

12 years of fine foods, brews and scrummy cakes!!!

Tropical Oats (Vegan + GF)
Oats soaked overnight with fresh apple, almonds, sultanas, coconut milk, passion fruit purée, topped with fresh mango, passion fruit and toasted coconut flakes - £6.95

Creamy Porridge (Vegan + GF)
Caramelised maple apple, sultanas & toasted almonds - £5.95

Our Granola (V)
A baked mixture of oats, nuts, seeds and dried fruits with a side of coconut yoghurt topped with fresh berries - £6.95

Buttermilk Pancakes & Maple Syrup (V)
With a choice of toppings: toasted caramelised pecans, fresh blueberries, fresh strawberries, fresh banana, crispy bacon - £8.95

Full Belly English
2 poached eggs, 2 hand cut streaky bacon rashers, 2 nobles butchers sausages, oven baked field mushroom, slow roasted herbed plum tomatoes and choice of toast - £11.50

Not So Full Belly English
Smaller version of the above - £6.50

Veggie Full Belly English (V)
2 poached eggs, 3 slices of halloumi, oven baked field mushroom, slow roasted herbed plum tomatoes, dish of mashed avocado, homemade baked beans and choice of toast - £11.50

Veggie Not So Full Belly English (V)
Smaller version of the above - £6.50

Simply Eggs (V)
Eggs how you like them, on toast - £6.50

Petite Simply Eggs (V)
For little bellies - £4.50

Cheesy Egg & Bacon
Scrambled egg, gruyere & pancetta on sourdough toast - £7.95

Smoked salmon & scrambled
Creamy scrambled egg with smoked salmon, slow roasted plum tomatoes, cream cheese capers and our homemade seed crackers - £10.50

White or brown bloomer, gluten free or sourdough.

Toast (V)
2 slices of toasted bread & butter, with jam or marmalade - £2.95

Toasted Teacake - £3.50 (V)

Banana Bread (V)
2 thick slices of homemade toasted banana bread with a brown sugar cinnamon butter - £4.95

Homemade Fruit Loaf (V)
2 thick slices, served with butter - £4.95

Smoked Salmon or hot smoked salmon - £3.95

2 eggs (any style), 2 streaky bacon rashers, 4 slices of pancetta, 2 sausages, dish of mashed avocado, 3 slices of halloumi, steamed spinach or bubble & squeak - £3.50

Oven baked field mushroom, slow roasted plum tomatoes, heinz beans or homemade baked beans - £2.20

For the Heartier Appetite

Best Bubble in the World (V + GF)
Our extra special bubble and squeak with 2 fried eggs - £7.50

Tofu scrambled (Vegan)
Spiced tofu with sautéed wild mushrooms, spinach, black beans, red peppers and toasted rye - £8.50

Homemade beans on toast (Vegan)
Our tomato based recipe baked beans on chunky sourdough toast - £6.95

Croque monsieur or croque madame (with egg)
French style ham and cheese toastie, made with gruyere, bechamel and sliced ham served with slow roasted tomatoes - £7.95 / 8.20

Welsh Rarebit (V)
A classic made from our family recipe - £7.20

Avocado toasts . . .
Served on toasted rustic olive bread.

Chilli avo - Avocado and fresh chillies - £7.00 (Vegan) 

Kick-start avo - Avocado with olive oil, mixed seeds, chia, pumpkin, sesame, sunflower, nigella and coriander - £7.50 (Vegan) 

Nordic avo - Avocado, smoked salmon, capers, boiled egg and parsley - £8.95

Med avo - Avocado, chilli, cherry tomatoes, feta, pumpkin seeds and pesto - £7.95 (V)

Fun guy avo - Avocado, sautéed wild mushrooms, spring onion, pesto and tahini sauce - £7.95 (Vegan)

Barbie Bean Bowls & Sourdough Toast
With a choice of avocado, feta and egg (V)
or halloumi, sautéed mushroom and egg (V)
or ham hock, melted 3 cheese and egg- £7.95

Eggs Benedict . . .

Classic - with ham - £7.95

Florentine - with spinach - £7.95 (V)

Royal - with hot smoked salmon - £8.95

Italian - with basil pesto, spinach and pancetta - £8.50

Sweet potato rostis (V)
With créme fraiche, harissa and fried egg - £7.95

Grilled haddock fish cakes (GF)
Served with spinach, tender stem broccoli, poached egg and a jug of hollandaise - £8.95

Sweetcorn and courgette fritters (Vegan GF)
Drizzled with sweet chilli and topped with an avocado, cherry tomato and black bean salsa - £7.95

Lunch (Available from 12pm)

Soup bowl - £5.95
A summer vegetable minestrone
A chilled tomato and red pepper gazpacho (Vegan + GF)

Add a slice of welsh toast - £6.95

Thai spiced crab cakes (V + GF)
With an avocado salad bowl and a lime chilli mayonnaise - £9.95

Walnut crust deep quiche and mixed salad (V)
Filled with a layer of carrot chutney feta, butternut and baked in a egg custard - £8.95

Trio of hummus platter (V + Vegan Option)
Beetroot, sundried tomatoes, olive oil, sautéed mushrooms, rye toast, crackers and crudités - £8.95 

Cauliflower gobi curry (Vegan + GF option)
Cauliflower florets, sweet potato, carrot and peas cooked in a curry of almonds, coconut milk, served with poppadoms - £8.95

Grilled black bean burger
Topped with avocado, sweet chilli roasted cherry tomatoes, pickled red cabbage, and veganaise served in a ciabatta bun with sweet potato roasties - £9.95 (vegan )

Sourdough Toasties - £7.95
and a mixed salad bowl, with our:

↝ Melted 3 cheeses (V)

↝ Sundried tomato pesto & 3 cheeses (V)

↝ Roasted ham & 3 cheeses (V)

↝ Tuna mayo & 3 cheeses

↝ Sausages, red onion marmalade & 3 cheeses

↝ Roasted chicken, pancetta, mayonnaise & 3 cheeses

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We want you to know about our food preparation . . .

Please note that all our dishes are prepared in kitchens where nuts, peanuts, seeds, fish, shellfish, eggs, milk and other allergens are commonly used.

If in doubt please ask a member of staff.

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